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By Raising the Values of the Japanese Youth up to Practical Level, We’d like to Revitalize Japan.

By raising the value of the youth in Fukuoka & Japan and supporting to enrich their incomes and quality of life, we highly expect to revitalize the local economy of Fukuoka and also Japanese economy from Fukuoka. Our Goal is to Revitalize All Over Japan.

About School Operating Company

Learn Skill for Free

Place of Highly Practical Training & Learning, Different from Schools.
You can learn Programming Skills Directly with Professional Engineers at our Development Room.

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Professional Engineers are your Teachers!

Professional engineers, who know everything on IT, are dedicated to teach you.
Even if you’re an IT novice, you can work as an IT professional in six months if you study harder.

You Need to Have IT Expertise!
Otherwise, You Won’t Get Hired!

You Need to Learn IT Expertise & Skills.
Actually IT Novices Cannot Get Hired Except for New Graduates from Colleges.
Even financially strong IT companies hires mid-career workers only if they are ready to work as IT engineers.
So you can learn professional skills at our School.

Graduates Working Actively at the Forefront.

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We welcome you as our workers after finishing our school.