By Raising the Values of the Japanese Youth up to Practical Level, We’d like to Revitalize Japan.

The existence value of the youth has getting higher thanks to the declining number of them in these decades.
It may be a true fact, however, that most of them are not equipped with skills or experiences yet, so they cannot create any additional values to our existing society.
Based on this idea, we have committed ourselves, since 2001, to hold great opportunities for the young generations to learn technical IT skills and then develop their own resourcefulness through our own wonderful IT-learning curriculum.
Our IT Professionals Training School has so far sent out more than 350 IT experts into IT Industry.
At first, our graduates were all IT novices when they entered our school, but now they work actively as IT experts at the forefront. They successfully create industrial values by their own expertise and raise the values of their industry, society and themselves.

Our business focuses on raising the value of the youth here in Fukuoka where a lot of young people gather.
By raising the value of the youth in Fukuoka & Japan and supporting to enrich their incomes and quality of life, we highly expect to revitalize the local economy of Fukuoka and also Japanese economy from Fukuoka.
Our goal is to revitalize all over Japan.

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Establish & Develop Software Industry Firmly in Fukuoka for Development of Japan!

One of our Big Goals is “Establish & Develop Software Industry Firmly for Development of Japan!”
For this purpose, we need to create a great demand for IT works here in Fukuoka. Still now, however, many companies place IT work orders works with overseas companies, not domestic ones. One of the reasons for this situation is that the number of excellent Japanese engineers is seriously short.
What can we do to increase the number of domestic engineers? ― The answer lies in Fukuoka.
A great number of young people gather in Fukuoka. Plus, they are motivated and have a high potentiality for the future. So, it is a nice idea for us to give such young people great opportunities to learn IT skills. They can raise their own individual value by learning IT skills. Then, this will surely help the further development of Fukuoka, we believe.

However, we have found a big problem in terms of IT Industry’s employment tendency here in Japan:
Even if young people graduate from ordinary schools or technical colleges, they have no practical working experiences as an IT engineer. IT companies don’t want to hire them, mainly because they are not industry-ready. This is an actual situation commonly seen in IT industry, showing a big barrier or dilemma exists between IT companies’ needs for human resources and young people’s IT skill level.
Then, our IT Professionals Training School stays here to remove such dilemma and barrier!
Our School introduces highly practical training curriculum. Our students can learn and pile up practical skills and experiences well enough. Once they graduate from our School, they can start their new career as a practical programmer.

Generally speaking, IT Industry seems to be difficult to work in. Actually I was an IT novice when I started to work in this industry. So I studied hard and hard. That’s why I came up with the idea of establishing this School for young IT novices. It will surely be a good and strong advantage for IT novices to be able to pile up practical IT experiences and skills before actually working in this industry.
What you learn at our School is your lifelong advantages and treasure.
Why don’t you make your first IT step into our IT Professionals Training School?
Our School is the Practical Gateway to IT Industry!